Career Voucher

Career Voucher is Lappeenranta City's own form of discretionary support for local Lappeenranta-based companies to hire a student studying at LUT University or LAB University of Applied Sciences and to ease students' transition to working life. The purpose of the support is to contribute to the employment of students in companies in our region and to improve the operating conditions of companies.

Benefits for the employer

  • The company has an opportunity to get to know a future talent and to obtain up-to-date information alongside a fresh perspective, provided by the student, as well as the student's work contribution.
  • The company has an opportunity to secure an expert for the company's future needs.
  • The city of Lappeenranta pays the company that recruits a student a lump sum of €2,000 towards the student's employment.

Benefits for the student

  • Possibility to get employed in Lappeenranta.
  • Getting to use your educational skills and ongoing studies in a local company.
  • The possibility to advance your studies with a suitable job.
  • Getting an opportunity to grow alongside the company and obtain a career for yourself in your educational field.

Criteria for career voucher

  • The recruited student is a student enrolled at either LUT or LAB.
  • The work tasks offered correspond to the student's educational field.
  • The hiring company has an office in Lappeenranta and the employee is employed in Lappeenranta.
  • The company has no barriers to recruiting (e.g. layoffs).
  • The employment is for at least three (3) months and the weekly working time is at least 18 hours/week or alternatively for two (2) months and the weekly working time is the full working time of the industry.
  • The company pays the student a salary equal to at least the minimum salary of the field.

If you are interested in a career voucher, please proceed as follows

  • The company recruits a person studying at LUT University or LAB University of Applied Sciences in a way it sees the best, however in compliance with valid collective agreements.
  • When the company has made an employment contract with the employee, the student can then apply for the Lappeenranta city’s career voucher by filling out the online application form. If the employment contract is based on a career voucher, we recommend a conditional employment contract.
  • The company and the employee will receive an online notification of the admittance of the voucher.


Support offered by municipalities to companies is considered public support for companies and is therefore subject to the "EU de minimis" regulation. The career voucher can be interpreted as "insignificant support", but the employer must take the company supplement into account when monitoring public support.


The applications will be processed in arriving order. A limited amount of Career Vouchers available, maximum of 2 vouchers/company and only for new employment contracts. The vouchers are distributed until the allocated funds have all been used.



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