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Employment and employees

You might be in a situation where you need some additional help in your company. Hiring the first employees is always a bit tricky, especially for a small company. It is worth examining if there is support available for this, for example via TE-Services.

 There are different ways to get new work force such as:

  • hiring
  • training
  • buying services
  • renting personnel
  • traineeship

If the employee performs her/his tasks in Finland, the company must follow Finnish employment legislation. When a company hires its first external employee, it becomes an employer with the liabilities and obligations, which apply to all employers regardless of the number of employees. These obligations include paying social security contributions, withholding the employee's shares of these contributions, and paying them forward to insurance companies. Companies can also, subject to certain conditions, receive financial support in obtaining employees or competence.

The main responsibilities of an employer in Finland include (according to Expat Finland)

  • Compliance with legislation, terms and conditions of collective labour agreements, and employment contracts. Read about the contents of a contract here.
  • In the absence of an employment contract in writing, the employer must provide the employee with written information on the terms of the employment relationship
  • Payment of wages and associated remittance of withholding tax to the Tax Administration
  • Arrange statutory insurance of employees and payment of insurance premiums. Such payments include employment pension insurance, accident insurance, group life insurance, unemployment insurance contribution and social insurance premium
  • Monthly and annual notifications of payroll to the Tax Administration, pension and insurance companies and the Unemployment Insurance Fund
  • Provision to the wage earner of an 'annual wage slip' showing wages paid and tax withheld during the entire calendar year
  • Equal and non-discriminative treatment of employees and job applicants, and promotion of equality and non-discrimination at the workplace
  • Obligation to ensure the occupational safety and health of employees at work
  • Obligation to arrange for and pay for statutory occupational healthcare for employees. Kela reimburses the reasonable and necessary costs of providing occupational healthcare
  • An employee posted to Finland is entitled to the salary determined by the Finnish collective labour agreement for the sector
  • If the company has foreign employees there are additional obligations; see Employee from Abroad at Enterprise Finland

Read in more detail about being an employer and employing on Enterprise Finland’s website.