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Marketing and sales

Companies must market their products and services in order to be visible to customers and to stand out from their competitors, as well as to stir the customers desire to purchase the product/service. There are ways to try to influence customer behaviour - advertising, sales campaigns, product naming, warranty/guarantee services, etc... What will be the tools of marketing and sales for your company?

You should commit to some marketing and sales planning. To what extent depends on the size of your company and amount of your products and services. A good way to start planning is to think about your business and marketing your product/services from four different angles:

  • Product: What is your product or service and who is it aimed at? What in it can be modified in order to attract customers?
  • Price: How can your price be used as a tool in your marketing? Is your product a luxury product and should be priced accordingly? Should you offer your product or service at a lower price to attract customers?
  • Place: Location where your product can be bought. How can the customer easily reach your product or service?
  • Promotion: All means of communication which you can use to promote your company and products and services. A way of making potential customers and existing customers aware of your product/service, its price and where to get it.

When planning the marketing, you should think first who are your customers (men, women, families, students, etc.), then focus your marketing activities on them. This will also help you in the selection of advertising media (incl. newspapers, websites, social media. television, outdoor advertising, radio, etc.).

You can find ideas about marketing and sales in more detail (about product categories, advertising, distribution channels, etc.) at Enterprise Finland’s pages about marketing and sales.

There are also advertising agencies, from which you can buy a service of making a marketing plan in cooperation with them and also execute some of the activities in the plan.