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Business premises and plots

Your business needs a place of operation. Sometimes this is possible from your home for example, but sometimes you will have a need for business premises.

A company can acquire necessary premises by buying or renting them. Owning your own premises brings certain security to your business and can also be profitable investment. On the other hand, renting allows more flexible decision-making in case there is a need to make changes regarding business premises. Also renting means that you have more capital to use for actual business operations.

Available plots and premises in Lappeenranta here.

If you decide to rent business premises, you should first find something suitable. Think of the following when choosing:

  • Where are your clients? What would be the ideal location for your business?
  • What are public transport connections like in relation to your chosen place? How about parking space?
  • How much space do you need and for what?
  • What is the condition of the premises? Do you need to renovate in order to be able to start your business on the premises? For example, if you are planning to establish a restaurant, there is a list of requirements about the premises that you must take into consideration when choosing the premises.

After you have found suitable premises, you should make a rental agreement with your landlord in which you agree upon the period of the contract (and through that the period of the tenancy). The rental agreement can be fixed-term or for an indefinite period.

There are ways to reduce your costs related to your business premises. For example, you can agree with your landlord to pay for the electricity and heating according to your use. Sometimes it is possible to include for example cleaning, copying, office- and maintenance costs, etc. in the rental agreement.

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