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Available Business Premises and Plots in the Lappeenranta Region

Are you looking for business premises or plots in the Lappeenranta region? Would you like to sell or lease real estate? 

You will find available plots and premises in the region easily in the online-register maintained by Wirma Lappeenranta.  You are able to search for premises by function (such as shop, office, industrial estate or warehouse) or by location.  

Those who offer premises may use the registry for marketing purposes, since it covers Lappeenranta and the surrounding municipalities in an efficient way and at a low cost. The fee for advertisers is 25 euros + VAT per item. Check the services: If you do not find suitable premises or a building site from the register, we will help you find it. The city of Lappeenranta also guarantees a building site to ensure that business flourishes.
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