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16.11.2016 - 13:00

Laserkatu 10, 53850 Lappeeenranta

Willi Idea –competition final 16.11.

Willi Idea –competition attracted a record number of ideas. A total of 130 ideas entered the competition and five ideas advanced to the final 16.11.

Majority of the finalists focus on wellness and health technology solutions. The finalists are:

  • Hy-Per Cleanse, health technology
  • Ermes, security
  • DreamZone, wellness
  • Husky Hearing, health technology
  • Ajoklinikka –ohjelmisto, health service for professionals

Päivän ohjelma

13:00                  Welcome
13:20                  Valtteri Lindholm, Varusteleka
13:50                  Pitching competition
15:00                  Winner of 2015
15:10                  Case: Glostars
15:15                  Case: Grezzli
15:20                  Ali Jahangiri
16:00                  WILLI IDEA WINNER 2016
17:00                  Afterparty @ Kora

Willi Idea finaali 2016

Willi Idea competition final will take place at Lappeenranta University of Technology Student House auditorium on 16th of November.


In addition, the presentations from Finland's Young Entrepreneur 2015 Valtteri Lindholm from Varusteleka and stand-up comedian Ali Jahangiri mark the culmination of the event.


A high-level jury will select the winner of the competition in the final event. The winner of Willi Idea –competition will receive development funds worth of 10 000 euros. In addition, Team Finland, Tamora Legal Oy and OCTO3 Oy award special prizes.


The event is open to all and mainly in English. Welcome!


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