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Networking and partners

Wirma participates in many networks in order to attract resources, know-how, education and networks into the region and promote issues that are important to the region and companies.

EBN – a network for information and partners

Wirma is a European Business Incubator (EBN) member. It brings together some 250 member organisations focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe, Asia and Russia. Members are European, Asian and Russian development companies, innovation centres, business incubators and support organisations. Some members support growth of innovative start-up-companies.

As a member, Wirma strengthens international networks of Lappeenranta in Europe and gathers information on company projects. In EBN Wirma participates in projects that are based on European funding.The network arranges events and promotes best practices among members. The concrete intiatives of Wirma take place in workgroups of the EBN innovation network. Wirma acts as the chairman of the Green Economy group.

Benefits of EBN membership for companies and region:

  • Driving awareness of the Lappeenranta Green for Real brand
  • An expanding international network
  • Promoting export opportunities for companies that operate in a green economy
  • European project funding into the region
  • Utilising international funding in an more optimal way
  • Information on international company projects that are also open to regional companies

Read the new EBN|EU|BIC Impact report 2016.

EKMET - co-operation group for metal industry companies of South Carelia

A co-operation group for metal industry companies of South Carelia (EKMET) has been active for 15 years. Wirma Lappeenranta co-ordinates it. EKMET members meet each other regularly. They participate in development projects and market their know-how jointly, for example at Tampere outsourcing fair, which is organised annually. As part of a network, even small companies may participate in bidding processes by bidding jointly.

ELO network of South-East Finland

Wirma Lappeenranta is a member of the south-eastern ELY Centre co-operation group that coordinates networking of life-time steering in South-Eastern Finland. Long-time objectives are increasing well-being, ensuring that there is a knowledgeable workforce available and promoting employment and entrepreneurship in South-Eastern Finland. The group acts as an information and discussion forum and co-operates with the national steering and co-operation group for life-time learning. Members of the co-operation group are ELY Centre, TE services, regional government agency, schools, regional unions, development companies, municipalities, Akava, SAK, STTK and EK.

Wirma participates in training and meetings in order to gather updated information on information, advice and steering services. We organise events that support entrepreneurship together with the players of the network. We gather and forward information on services available in South-Eastern Finland and nationally.

Benefits of the network for companies and region:

  • Making companies aware of public services to be utilised in a more optimal way
  • Actual themes for entrepreneurs, such as generational changes and well-being of entrepreneurs
  • Networking companies and public players, increasing co-operation
  • Gathering messages from companies to the network to be refined
  • Green Energy Showroom - ecology and new business

Green Energy Showroom (GES)

A network for companies that focuses on energy and the environment coordinated by Wirma. Members strive to make business through sustainable solutions. A network for like-minded companies that supplement each other, makes Lappeenranta more ecological, presents state-of-the-art technology and know-how of the region. Members of the network participate in municipal procurement from the companies' point of view.

The network operates mainly in South Carelia, but companies operating elsewhere may join in.

Please join if you are interested in

  • co-operation in research and development
  • marketing and media exposure
  • Developing long-term business

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