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What we do?

We offer start-up, relocation and company advice services to local entrepreneurs and persons wishing to become entrepreneurs – via phone and electronic means, depending on the needs of the client. The services focus on assessing the client's problems, initial advice, identifying the most suitable service provider or expert, and networking the client.

The aim of providing advice to start-up companies is to create new businesses and jobs in the Lappeenranta region. The services cover discussing a business idea, evaluating its possibilities and giving advice on outlining the business plan. Wirma also provides expert statements to authorities that offer financing.

For operating companies, we give advice, support and search for necessary information. For example, an entrepreneur may need advice in starting or developing a company, launching a development project, financing, help in solving problems or generational or owner changes, finding premises or when entering into collaboration with the authorities. In conjunction with our networks we try to help in all these areas. Wirma is responsible for activating knowledge-based companies in the region and business incubation and pre-incubation in co-operation with partners. The target groups are present or future entrepreneurs. The goal is to create new knowledge-based businesses and jobs for the region. We try to find new knowledge-based growth-related ideas that can be developed in pre-incubation and incubation to become businesses.

In addition to giving advice to companies, we are also responsible for regional development and location. The goal for our location services is to locate new companies and jobs for the Lappeenranta region. We try to make locating into our area as easy as possible.  A company that locates here will receive the necessary help. For example, we search for premises, local partners, identify potential customers and give sparring for growing businesses, planning location and implementation of plans. The Wirma location team searches for companies that could expand or relocate their business to the Lappeenranta region.

Regional development work is conducted in co-operation with various players. Development is based on strategies adopted in the cities of Lappeenranta and Taipalsaari and parts of them have been allocated to Wirma. All the development work undertaken by Wirma can be linked directly into these strategies.

We participate actively in entrepreneurship training and education arranged in local schools. We give lectures and classes in entrepreneurship and business in elementary schools, vocational schools, universities, including universities of applied sciences.