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Green Lappeenranta: to grow business for the benefit of our companies, inhabitants and the environment

The Lappeenranta region invests in sustainable solutions. A green Lappeenranta is an important goal in the strategy of the city for the well-being of inhabitants and in industrial policies. The city of Lappeenranta has committed itself to ambitious sustainability and climate targets, thus making it a favourable location for companies in the fields of green energy and environmental technology. The aim is to put Lappeenranta at the forefront of environmental-friendliness. The growth of companies is based on a clean environment and a world with no waste.

As a carbon-neutral city Lappeenranta strives to cut emissions by 80% by 2030.

New business opportunities in a changing operating environment

The city of Lappeenranta has set demanding targets for itself, its inhabitants and its companies. The target is that by 2050 there will be no waste to be transported to landfill sites, the city does not cause climate emissions, and it does not over-consume. Life will be adapted to the resources on Earth.

The inhabitants and nature will benefit from a city that uses resources wisely. Diminishing resources can be turned into businesses that benefit the well-being of people in a profitable way. As emissions and resource consumption decreases, general well-being increases. This attracts tourists, investors and new business to the region.

New operating models and innovations will create new jobs in the region.

Wirma has launched several development initiatives that strive to grow sustainable companies and develop the operating environment. These are examples of initiatives started by the city and Wirma to enable new businesses in the region:

  • The Kivisalmi pumping station: a bold pilot project of the city to clean Lesser Saimaa using a local innovation.
  • A mill that turns waste into composite products is being prepared. At Kukkuroinmäki a plant that turns non-recyclable building industry waste into new products will be started in 2017.
  • A regional energy information service for inhabitants and real-estate owners will be launched in autumn 2016. It enables the assessment of carbon dioxide emissions and payback period of heating system change and comparison of energy consumption with other equivalent consumers.
  • For the new wastewater pumping station of Lappeenranta new sustainable solutions have been sought for processing sludge and improving water purification. Innovations created at the university have been taken into account.  Different wastewater alternatives have been evaluated for the life cycle.
  • Services in Sammonlahti, such as schools and day care, will be renewed in a sustainable way. Local companies and the university have participated in planning from an early stage.
  • Companies participate in the environment programme of the Southern Carelia, developing the Green Lappeenranta strategy as well as defining and implementing sustainable targets.
  • In the future the city of Lappeenranta wants to use impact over the course of a life cycle and the most recent solutions on the market as a basis for procurement, instead of price only.
  • Targets set in the city of Lappeenranta will be adhered to and implemented in the environmental agency of the Lappeenranta region.

Partners and exposure to networks

In the Lappeenranta region there is an active network for companies focusing on energy and the environment. Members of the Green Energy Showroom GES strive to make business with sustainable solutions. Wirma coordinates the network. Companies in the network participate in trade fairs and market their knowledge jointly, offer their services to projects and create new regional business. Also, Wirma, the technical university of Lappeenranta and the city of Lappeenranta market regional knowledge and network actively.

Active co-operation has brought new customers for members both from within the network and outside of it. Within the network, product development projects and new products have been launched.

Wirma keeps companies informed about national and international projects and networks. Networking enables companies to joins projects and find new partners. Companies have found new markets for their products and services through networking.

Members of the GES network can influence how Green Lappeenranta targets specified in the strategy of the city will be taken into account in municipal investments and service procurement: priority will also be given in terms of business potential.

More information on the open Green Energy Showroom: companies and initiatives.

Co-operation with the university brings growth for companies

Lappeenranta University of Technolgy (LUT) focuses on research and teaching in renewable energy and energy and environment technology, which prepares the ground for innovations and business. It is a good idea for companies to develop their business based on information and a knowledgeable workforce created through research. Wirma can assist companies in this field.