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The airport to be owned locally

Transferring Lappeenranta airport from Finavia for local ownership has been planned for many years. During 2014, the development of the operational model of the airport and privatising it took a quantum leap. A letter of intent was signed on 10th October between the Ministry of Transport, the city of Lappeenranta and the regional council on transferring the airport to the city and council.

The goal is to ensure that there will be an airport in the future in Lappeenranta.  Wirma has worked actively on the plan. Planning the business model of the airport, determining the effects on the local economy, gathering evidence for ownership change and negotiating with airlines have been the key tasks. Efforts will continue in 2015. The goal is for airport operations to be transferred to a new foundation in spring 2016.

The airport is a driving force for local industry. It significantly affects employment, turnover of companies and tax income. Read a whitepaper on the effect of the airport on the local economy. 

Get acquainted with the Lappeenranta Airport brochure here.