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Back to the nature in Lappeenranta

Imagine a deep blue sky with shining stars at icy bright night and pure white glimmering snow. Unbearable lightness of night less summer, light vulnerable colors of shyly arriving spring versus mature fruitful, full autumn. Rich clearly identifiable seasons correspond extreme climate conditions where temperature can vary even 10 ̶ 20 degrees day to day.

Terhi JantunenTo get best out of happy life in Nordic Lappeenranta has chosen a carbon-neutral circular economy philosophy and approach, which aims at a green future. It arises from responsible choices, ecological thinking and green research. We want to be a model city for sustainable activities and resource wise policy towards 100% circular economy. Our objective is to be energy self-sufficient, and a waste-free city in the future.

According our targets in year 2050 Lappeenranta e.g. has carbon neutral district heating and electricity production, there is CO2 emissions neutral, sustainable transportation and urban structure, which supports well-being. All waste is treated as a recycled resource, the food consumed in Lappeenranta is sustainable and the quality of water is equal to the natural state.

The Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) is internationally renowned for its expertise in energy and environmental technology. Researchers of LUT have created future scenarios for energy systems based totally on renewable sources: bio, solar and wind. The scenario is also possible in Nordic climate. Lappeenranta has chosen to strive for renewable based energy system.

Already now the Lappeenranta region has the most solar panels in Finland in proportion to the number of citizens. Also over 80 procent of district heating in Lappeenranta is produced in Kaukaan Voima’s biofuel power plant. From the beginning of this year on 100 % of the electricity used by the city of Lappeenranta is from renewable sources. Our city is the Finland’s first city to switch to EKOenergy-certified electricity.

Lappeenranta, Kemira and Gasum have started to examine possibilities to produce renewable methane combining side stream hydrogen with CO2 . Power2gas concept allows to store extra wind and solar power electricity produced during peak hours, with help of water electrolyze, as hydrogen, which can be methanized into renewable methane. Methane is planned to input into natural gas network, when it can be used in energy production, industry and transportation.
Lappeenranta has also so called Green Flag schools and daycare centres, which take environmental issues into teaching. We are also known as a cycling city of the year 2015. This spring Lappeenranta has also decided to start acquiring preferably only gas and electric cars.

Want to hear more about Lappeenranta Greenreality and its business opportunities, come and meet us Hannover Messe Germany in Hall 3, Stand H27/2!


Welcome to visit us in Lappeenranta!

Terhi Jantunen
The City of Lappeenranta, Business Services Wirma
Advisor, development services